VariZoom VZSTEALTHLX Lanc Lens Zoom Camera Control

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LANC Zoom & Focus Control for Sony / Canon / Panasonic

Easy to use and offering the complete range of LANC features, the Stealth-LX shares the compact, versatile design of the Stealth, but with 3 extra features: Autofocus On/Off, Data On/Off, and Iris F-/F+ (with certain cameras, not always available).

Lens control type: LANC FOR SONY / CANON / PANASONIC

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The LX version Lanc Lens Zoom Camera Control of the Stealth has 3 additional features: Data, Autofocus, Iris F-/F+ (when enabled in the camera). A stylish, lightweight body houses our improved, second-generation proprietary electronics. The pressure-sensitive ‘throttle’ control allows you to ease into zooms in either direction, hold a steady speed, or instantly accelerate into a ‘crash’ zoom. The Stealth is completely intuitive and smooth, requiring no setup, power, or operator skill. This unique miniature control offers unmatched convenience, value, and performance.