NewTek TriCaster Mini Control Surface

This product is no longer available.

Control panel for TriCaster Mini systems offers tactile control in studio-style with a small footprint that delivers professional results in the studio, in the office, at an event, or anywhere the road takes you.

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Features an attractive compact design with simple plug-and-play setup.

  • Intuitive layout mapped to the TriCaster Mini live desktop.

  • 14 large backlit crosspoint buttons for Program and Preview rows, Take and Auto Transition.

  • T-Bar with weighted dampening for smooth, manual transition control.

  • Combination concentric and pushbutton controls for transition selection, rate, preset speed and forward/reverse.

  • Individual control of Main output row or 4 Mix/Effects rows with control of Key channel selection and secondary Media Player transport control.

  • Transition delegation of Background, DSK 1, DSK 2 or Fade to Black.

  • Shift and Alt keys provide additonal functionality.

  • TriCaster Mini CS is also compatible with TriCaster 8000, TriCaster 860, TriCaster 460 and TriCaster 410.

  • Dimensions: ~ 16.5625 x 2.25 x 8 in (42.0624 x 20.32 x 5.715 cm)