VariZoom VZSPG350 Fujinon Zoom Focus Control Kit

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This is a unique studio / broadcast style zoom & focus Fujinon lens control system popular for Sony PWM-400K, PMW-350K & PMW-320K w/ the kit XA16x8 & XS16x5.8 lenses commonly packaged with these cameras. The Fujinon lens control system precisely adjust focus from the tripod handle using this studio-style remote. A hefty knurled aluminum rotating grip drives the custom-machined focus gearbox using an industrial wound-core cable, allowing smooth control of the focus ring.


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The VZ-PG-F provides remote zoom control for Fujinon 8-pin video lenses and it will clamp to any tripod handle, jib, or support bar. The PG-F features a dual-variable system for versatile, precise control of zoom speed. Set the maximum desired speed on the dial (located in a ‘trigger’ position), then use the pressure-sensitive rocker to vary the speed from a crawl all the way up to the preset max. Alternatively, depress the rocker fully and roll the dial with your index finger to ramp the speed up.

  • Combination of pressure-sensitive zoom rocker and speed dial provides precise dual-variable zoom control

  • Speed dial acts as a limiter for max speed or a ‘ramping’ device

  • Red record/pause button

  • Video return button plays back the last 5 seconds of recorded material and cues the tape up to the last recorded frame to ensure proper timecode sync

  • Rubber-foam grip with a ‘pistol grip’ curve for ergonomic comfort

  • Fujinon lens control system designed for use with left or right hand

  • Heavy-duty, quick-release aluminum swivel clamp for angular adjustment of handle position

  • Compact, heavy-duty black aluminum housing