VariZoom VZSPGEX-R Lens Control Kit

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Zoom and Focus Control Kit for Sony PXW-X200, PMW-300, PMW-200 and EX1/EX3 Cameras

Lens control type: SONY PXW-X200 / PMW-300/-200/-EX1/-EX3

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The VZPG-EX-R Lens Control Kit is the top of the line pistol-grip control for the Sony PMW-300/-200/EX1/EX3 which utilizes the finest components and has a beautifully machined aluminum housing and articulated clamp. The dual-variable circuit allows for the finest degree of zoom speed control. VariZoom is proud to offer the first zoom controller of its kind for the PMW-EX1 and PMW-EX3.

FCU professional Cable Drive Focus Control allows a camera operator to pull focus on the SONY PMW-EX1 or EX3 cameras.

DVRods (for ‘SPG-EX-R’) are a high-quality rods system for DV/HDV cameras which enables you to attach matteboxes, focus control systems, wireless adapters, and other accessories.