VariZoom VS-HDCS heavy-duty column stands w/ junior to baby pin adapter

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    Heavy-duty column stands w/ junior to baby pin adapter, carrying bag, bubble level, memory clamp. Holds up to 80lbs.

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    Heavy-duty column stands, high-capacity stands so you can use your slider or other support item in a wide range of setups. These stands are quicker to set up and and adjust than tripods, and the memory clamp allows you to change height and go back to the last position accurately. Another benefit of the stands over tripods is their smaller diameter that allows them to fit into the same case as the slider (our tripod/slider kit requires multiple bags).

    • Extremely high load capacity – 80lbs each

    • Column stands allow for quick leveling, as there is a single post to adjust up/down, as opposed to tripods that require all 3 legs to be adjusted

    • Column stand w/ 2 leveling legs, memory/security clamp, spirit level, and JR-Baby pin adapter