VariZoom VZFP flowpod stabilizer monopod low mode

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    The VariZoom FlowPod is the only handheld stabilizer that offers 3 tools in one: Monopod mode, Stabilizer Mode and Low Mode. Although it’s a great handheld stabilizer for those floating, smooth action shots everybody wants, what sets the VariZoom FlowPod apart from all other handheld stabilizers is value and utility. No other device on the market allows you get so many different shots with one tool – fluid stabilized motion, solid stationary, or low angle – the FlowPod does it all for a reasonable price.

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    • NEW Professional Quick Release Slide Plate and keyed lateral adjustment for greatly improved X-Y adjustment (horizontal balancing)

    • Quick Release Plate is compatible with a wide range of VariZoom products (DV MediaRig, DV Traveler, TK65 tripod, QRP) for quick interchange with other supports

    • NEW Locking handle w/ tough, no-slip grip allows fluid turns, pans, and tilts in stabilizer mode or rock solid stationary shots in monopod mode

    • NEW taller standard monopod (62″ vs old 54″), also available as upgrade option for older units

    • Optional low mode kit for stabilized low-angle shots also allows for attachment of TFT monitor for easier viewing

    • Clean and accurate counterbalance system utilizes sliding ring weights for vertical balance adjustment

    • Precision balance system: X-Y camera plate provides fore/aft adjustment for horizontal balance and sliding counterweights allow for exact vertical balance adjustment

    • Balancing plate (included) functions as a docking stand while balancing the FlowPod or resting it when not in use

    • Upgradable with either DV Sportster or Navigator arm/vest systems (see ‘Related Products’)

    • VZ-FP1 weight kit required for use with cameras over 5 lbs