VariZoom JIBSTICK PRO controler

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    This high performance Pro Jibstick offers the simplicity and intuitive design favored by operators, but now adds many of the features from our more advanced control systems. The controller features on-the-fly custom soft limit setting to restrict the range of pan/tilt motion – a very useful feature for preventing lens collisions, to limit the field of view, lock position, or set specific location marks. Integral lens control via plug-in pistol-grip remote allows 2-hand pan/tilt and zoom/focus operation. The Pro Jibstick has smoothing, speed control, motor disable, direction controls for pan/tilt/zoom/focus, and a USB interface for advanced setup options, including joystick deadband and lens voltage.

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    The deluxe manual Jibstick Kit is a streamlined, user-friendly system that has all of the electromechanical performance of the other kits, but without full motion control capability. This Jibstick control has a professional long-throw joystick mounted in an ergonomic grip base and all controls and settings are within reach of your fingertips. The Jibstick system includes a zoom/focus controller, but it also integrates seamlessly with our TOC lens controls systems. The Jibstick works beautifully where intuitive manual control is needed, and it can be upgraded later with an advanced console and pan bars or hand wheels. The new Jibstick allows you to set independent motion limits for pan and tilt, lock off pan and/or tilt, switch motor power off, reverse direction on pan/tilt/zoom/focus independently, adjust speed limits for pan & tilt independently, and adjust smoothing control for softer starts & stops.

    • Professional Long-Throw Joystick for Pan & Tilt

    • Included plug-in hand control for zoom & focus

    • Independent speed control for pan & tilt

    • Smoothing control for pan & tilt

    • Set independent motion limits for pan and tilt to limit rotation, preset location marks, or lock position

    • Motor disable switch

    • Motor direction switch for pan/tilt/zoom/focus

    • USB interface for firmware updates and PC-compatible GUI control panel

    • GUI control panel allows setup of lens parameters, joystick deadband, and other advanced features

    • 2500′ max std extension, longer w/ fiber optic option

    • Wireless Option available

    • Built-In Lens control for Fuji/Canon/Preston

    • Also compatible with TOC lens control systems